Ideas to make your home look luxrious!

Small Changes, Big Impact!

Creating a luxury retreat in your own home may seem like an expensive and overwhelming task.

Opulent furniture and upscale décore comes to mind when we think of the term “luxury,” but, it doesn’t have to be that way

By simply making a few changes, you can make your home feel luxurious without spending arm and a leg.

1. Minimalism is Your Friend

If you want to make your home feel luxurious, you have to simplify. It’s easy to overdo it with accessories, so be purposeful with your space. Taking a minimalist approach to each room in your home may seem counter intuitive when attempting to update your space, but, in reality, less is truly more when creating a luxury home. Let your statement pieces have the space to make a statement.

2. Update the Window Dressing

We always recommend to switch on your window treatments with high-end fabrics and textures to uplift them. A good window treatment always add an instant luxe factor to a room. But there's one cardinal rule: Never, ever buy draperies that are too short.

3. Large Scale Art

Nothing makes a home feel luxurious quite like stunning lighting features. We prefer to begin with large or statement overhead pieces for your living and dining areas. It’s a great way to enhance the space and bring your rooms to the next level. Like a row of metallic pendant lighting above your kitchen island transforms the whole room. “Be bold with your design” that’s what we do!

4. Roll out a large rug.

Layering your furniture and décore creates comfort and luxury to a room without adding chaos. Your polished hardwood floors can easily be dressed up with a stylish area rug. Layer sofas and chairs with opulent throw pillows. Top off your dining table with elegant runners to tie the room together. Layering ensures that nothing looks bare, and it’s a great way to add value and charm without unnecessary accessorizing.

5. Pick a Palette, and Stick With it

Commit to a unified palette, add affordable coordinating pieces whenever you come across them, and keep everything looking totally intentional and chic.

6. Use Metallic

"Adding a little bit of glitz and glam can really add the wow factor”. You can bring trendy, tasteful gold, bronze and silver into your home decor with metallic paint on the walls, accent pillows or in framed artwork. This inexpensive idea will add a bit of glamour to any room.

Your home can look expensive without actually being expensive. A few simple improvements and you’ll be on your way to a more lavish and glamorous space in no time.