a reading nook!

Let's create a Reading Nook, a space just for You!

A space that offers the promise of taking oneself away to a more peaceful space.

Reading a book is clearly one of the most important activities. A book helps to develop our thoughts, learn and understand. Today in this tough situation where we all are Quarantine in our house, reading a book helps lower stress level and relief tension. It also enhances our imagination & empathy.

A Reading Nook is a space just for you. A space offers you the promise of taking oneself away to a more peaceful, contemplative space mentally and physically. The first question in your mind will be where shall I find space for reading nook?

Let’s us read further, and know what our designers suggest …

1. The Wasted Space

First find a corner that is unused or wasted. Yes, the space where your sports equipment are dumped your hardly ever use or the box of clothes you wanted to recycle or give away. We all have our very own personal excuses for not using the still useful space. Isn’t it the time to change that? It doesn’t take much imagination or skill to plan how this could quickly and easily be repurposed.

2. A Quiet Environment

A basic principle of most reading areas that can be found in libraries all over the world is that there should be a quiet workspace without too many distractions. Let us first find a corner or area to create a nook near a window where you get positivity from sunlight.

3. Think More About Comfort

Furniture such as chairs and desks should be both comfortable and conducive to reading. Soft bean bags or swing chairs are great options that need a little extra help to relax and settle in. You can create a Bay Window seating which gives comfort and enhance your creative side too.

4. Design a Positive Area

Placing indoor plants near your reading area not only helps in creating a positive space but also helps in purifying the air we breathe. Place a table nearby to keep books or a cup of coffee on it. A rack to place the books to keep the space tidy, helps in enhancing the mind.

5. Playing with Colours

Our designers suggest to keep the space minimalistic, it is advisable to keep the area neutral. Add colours in form of throw cushion, rug and curtain. Play with the palate of pastels, and green. Green the colour of Life, Harmony and Growth. It helps to keep mind calm, concentrate and a feel of harmony and freshness.

6. Lighting

The correct balance of lighting is the most essential part of the space. The right colour and temperature helps in concentration and keep your eyesight proper. The natural sunlight is most effective source of lighting. If you plan to use the area after sunset or if you doesn’t receive sunlight, make sure the placement of light is correct and you receive ample of light. You should not feel heavy while reading. Add some fairy lights (Diwali Lights) for beautifying the space.

7. Choice of Furniture

There is no right or wrong type of furniture, what matters the most is Comfort. The basic and foremost principle is that you should be comfortable to sit for long hours. Your body’s back should be in comfort. You can create a Bay Window Seating using old Mattress. You can use your bedroom chair or if you have indoor swings. Even Ottoman or Sethi can be used. Throw cushions, Rugs or runners can be used to decorate the place.

Happy Reading!

World Book Day!